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I’ve been spending some time looking at the SharePoint 2010 autospinstaller that you can download from codeplex. Its a very useful tool which enables you to script your entire SharePoint 2010 install.

Not only will it install SharePoint it will also setup and configure the SharePoint 2010 Central Administration  site, and also create a Site Collection.

It takes out the tediousness of clicking next, next, next and next again during the setup.

I was surprised at how simple it was to configure and run. You need to do the following to prepare the script:

  • Download the script
  • Download your SP 2010 iso image (if you do not have it already)
  • Create a folder on your computer (C:\SP2010 for example which is what I used)
  • Extract your SP2010 files to that folder
  • Extract the autospinstaller files to C:\SP2010.
  • Run the Download-All SP2010 Prereqs.ps1 script, specify your install folder (In my case C:\SP2010) so that all the PreReqs are downloaded to the right location.
  • Optional I downloaded SharePoint SP1 and extracted the files and placed them in updates folder in C:\SP2010
  • Modify the AutoSPInstallerInput XML file with the right domain accounts. (if they do not exist create them, they do not need anything more than domain user level):
    • domain\sps_farm
    • domain\sps_services
    • domain\sps_app_pool
    • domain\sps_mysite
    • domain\sps_search
    • Add domain\sps_farm with db creator and securityadmin roles on your DB server.

I had a dedicated SQL Server 2008 R2 box for my SharePoint install so when I put the info in the script for SQL I just entered in the the NETBIOS name of the SQL Server.

Assuming that you’ve placed everything in C:\SP2010 then copy that entire folder and subfolders from your local computer to the server on which you want to install it.

I then ran the script on a clean install of Windows Server 2008 R2 with SP1 I did not need to do anything else as the script too care of ALL the Prereqs

You do not need to but you could disable the UAC from prompting you confirm admin rights to run installations, a bit of a pain as if you leave your computer during the install and the UAC gives you a prompt and you do not respond to it in time it will bomb out.

Once you are comfortable with the script and that all the files are needed then right click on the AutoSPInstallerLaunch.bat file in: C:\SP2010\AutoSPInstaller and select “Run as Administrator”

That will then install SharePoint, install the updates in the the Updates folder and then configure SharePoint with the Central Admin console, a default site collection and a mysite collection.  you can specify what these are rather than using localhost but remember to put them into DNS so that when the installation is finished you can browse to them.

Some other things to note (from my experience with this which isn’t a lot") is that after the script has installed the SharePoint Binaries the script bombs out for one reason or another, don’t worry just run it again (Run as Administrator) and it will continue from where it left off.

The good thing about this is it standardises your SharePoint install and also gives you a document of the install which contains your Farm Passphrase and which service account does what.

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  1. Victor Shamanovsky says:

    Also see:
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