Sending large files to clients/recipients

I had a request today about how to send a large file to a user outside of our network. Most of the client files are handled on our Extranet, however this was not client related. What we used to do when we housed our website, we used to just copy the file to a directory on the website and send a link to the recipient, that is not not an option as the site has been outsourced. So I got thinking, I set up a Ubuntu LAMP server for our “Microsites” all that was doing was hosing several sites that only had static pages. So the idea was to use this server as a way of delivering large files/email attachments to people outside of the network. My first thought was just good old fashioned FTP, however this would then mean IT being involved somewhere, creating accounts, uploading files etc… So I thought there must be some sort of open source product out there that I could use for online collaboration. I tried a few out. The one that really caught my eye was Collabtive. It is extremely easy to install, and configure, and seems to do what we need it to do. Its primary function I guess is for project management, but it offers a feature for uploading files.

I could go through the install process but I found this site, so rather that repeat what they have done I thought I would just link to it:


More info about Collabtive is at:


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